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About us

Stability and Continuity

ROUNDO was founded in 1964 and is a Swedish world-leading brand of machines for plate rolling and profile bending with over 16.000 machines delivered all over the world.
What makes our customer extremely satisfied are the extremely high quality, performance, reliability and long service life of Roundo machines and our never-ending process of developing and producing superior machines.

June 2015 ROUNDO became a division of Boldrini S.r.l., Italian world leader in designing and manufacturing Dishing and Flanging equipment and Special Plate Rollers since 1905.
Cooperation between ROUNDO and Boldrini has resulted in more than 160-year experience in Metal Forming/Bending, over 20.000 machines installed worldwide and a wider machinery offering range. 


Left: ROUNDO 1969, production of early section bending machine. Right: ROUNDO 2009, production of section bending machine R-16-S.

Left: ROUNDO 1969, production of early section bending machine. Right: ROUNDO 2009, production of section bending machine R-16-S.

Original ROUNDO Know-How and Design

All design and assembly, including wiring and final testing of the machines is done in-house. Our engineers and technicians employ cutting-edge technologies and renowned original ROUNDO technology and know-how. Result are products that represent unique quality, performance and reliability on the global market.


Main Plant

ROUNDO division headquarters are located in our new production site in Castiglione delle Stiviere in the North of Italy, an advanced building concerning project, construction technology and dimensions necessary to support our customers demanding always bigger machines.
The building is very closed to toll booth and clearly visible driving on the by-pass road Brescia-Mantova.
The new spaces (1500sqm covered and more than the double open air and ready for a future expansion) and the height of 20mt under the crane hook, with an impressive lifting capacity of 100+25Ton, removed all our possible recent and future machines limits in size.
Our premises are equipped with an automatic stocking system able to manage 500 draws with 500 kg capacity each, high precision measuring system and 4 trenches for machine assembly with length up to 16 mt and deep up to 4 mt.

The automatic stocking system computer controlled that manage 500draws with 500Kg capacity each. High precision measuring instruments. The 4 trenches for the machines assembly with max length up to 16mt and max deep up to 4mt. All these feature simply to make sure to satisfy your machine need of today and tomorrow, as you always expected from us. Driving on the interstate from Brescia to Mantova, it’s impossible not to see us. Call us to fix an appointment and come to see us.



Boldrini Headquarters

Boldrini Headquarters


Roundo a division of Faccin S.p.A.
Via dell'industria 19
25010 Visano BS - ITALY
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