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Reasons for Choosing a ROUNDO Machine

When investing in a long-life and critical machinery, the total lifecycle cost and how the performance affects your productivity are key factors. Roundo machines have evolved based on customer feedback since the late 1960’s and have many important features that we believe are essential to take into consideration:

1. Main frame
The main frame of the machine is heavily proportioned and extremely rigid to minimize movements and
deflection of the frame even by full load. Minimized movement and deflections of the frame is necessary to be
able to reach consistent and tight tolerances of the bending process. The risk for fatigue of the frame is eliminated.

2. Bearings
Bearings for rolls are oversized to minimize friction and loss of drive torque. Results in significant long lifetime
of bearings and time consuming and costly replacements of bearings are avoided.

3. Drive Torque
Standard execution of Roundo machines include a high drive torque to guarantee that declared bending capacities can be bent in one pass. Results in high production rate without overloading components.

4. Increased rotation speed
All ROUNDO machines are equipped with infinitely variable rotation speed. The maximum rotation speed is as standard between 6 and 7 m/minute depending on model.  As an option machines can be delivered with increased speed interval. High rotation speed means faster rolling and shorter cycle times.

5. Bigger Hydraulic Pump & Motor
High drive torque and high rotation speed requires bigger hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors. The extra cost for these features will pay back in short time due to increased productivity and motivated operators.

6. Hydraulic and Electric system
The hydraulic and electric systems are correctly sized to meet the performance for each machine size. Only carefully selected and proven components from well-known suppliers are used.

7. Operator friendly
ROUNDO control box are provided with ergonomic mini-joysticks for operator convenience and ROUNDO CNC-controls show a completely user-friendly operator interface, thanks to an easy-to-use operating system which allows a quick and handy employment.

8. Long Lifetime
Technology in producing and designing Roundo machines results in outstanding reliability and durability. The majority of our machines being produced over 50 years are still in operation and used Roundo machines are very attractive and high priced on second-hand markets.



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