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ROUNDO 3- Roll Plate bending machines


PSS 860


PSS 960


PS prebending method 

A beautiful Roundo PS 230 made in 1974!

The Roundo machine was manufactured by our company that was by then called "Mala Mekaniska Hässleholm AB".

PS 205

PS 255 with the optional equipment wire cable operated emergency stop and operated side support, ready to be loaded.

PS 255

PS 255 with optional equipment cone bending device.

PS 255 with optional equipment cone bending device.

PSS 360 with optional equipment operated side support.

PS 600

Loading of a PS 600

Testing of a PSS 700

Test bending of a perfect PSS 700

PSS 860 on its way to Taiwan.

Loading of the 95500kg-heavy PSS 860 to Taiwan.

Assembeling of PSS 860 in Taiwan

The beautiful PSS 860 in Taiwan.

This enormous PSS 960 x 3050 weights 175 tons and was delivered to Canada. Max bending capacity with this machine is 114 mm.

Rolls with a diameter of 960 mm.

Big and heavily porportioned main frame of the PSS 960.

Perfect results with the PS 960.

7 cm thick plate.

PSE 110

PSE 150

PSE 150 being packed for shipment to USA

PSE 185


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