About us

ROUNDO® was founded in 1964 in Sweden and became the world leading brand for profile bending machines and plate rolling with more than 16.000 machines delivered all over the world.

What makes our customers extremely satisfied, are the remarkably high quality, performance, reliability and long service life of ROUNDO® equipment, along with our never-ending process of developing and producing superior machines.

The Company

ROUNDO® is a brand of the Italian Faccin Group, worldwide leaders in designing and manufacturing plate rolls, angle rolls, dishing and flanging equipment and special machines. This cooperation has resulted in more than 200 years of combined experience in metal forming and over 30.000 machines installed worldwide.

By combining organizational skills, the resources of having the largest production facility in the world and more than 100 people devoted to bending machinery and technology, we supply technological advanced new machines and spare parts according to the original
ROUNDO® design.

ROUNDO® are manufactured at Faccin’s Group facilities in the North of Italy, an advanced facility in terms of technology required to support our customers’ needs, demanding always bigger and superior machines.

All design and assembly, including wiring and final testing of the machines is done in-house. Our engineers and technicians employ cutting-edge technologies and renowned original ROUNDO® experience and know-how. The end result are products with unique quality characteristics, performance and reliability in the global market.

Our certifications

Reliability, soundness and efficiency as well as a marked penchant for technological innovation make Roundo the go-to brand in design, manufacturing and sale of machines for rolling and bending metal sheets.

To guarantee the high-quality of the whole production, the Faccin Group was one of the first manufacturers of bending equipment to achieve in 2009 the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. It certifies that the company operates a quality management system certified in accordance with current legislation and assures the strictness of the internal and external checks performed throughout the production process on the machines designed and constructed by the Group. The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification thus assures complete compliance of the services provided by Faccin Group with legislative requirements, as well as assuring the timeliness and utmost flexibility of the company.