Commitment to Our Customers

The way we view our customers and business deals is distinguished by a sense of honesty and trust.
Long-term and deep customer relationships with large numbers of loyal customers, including the
world’s leading bending companies, show that our way of doing business works.

Full Control of Manufacturing

We have total control over the entire production chain – from the initial customer enquiry to concept development, design, production, verification and delivery.

Our manufacturing facilities include a welding shop, where all machines frames are produced in accordance with our high standards.
All our machines frames and major components are stress-relieved, allowing our machines to retain for decades the same tight machine tolerances as the day they are commissioned.
We assemble and perform final inspections on all our machines in our main production facility, giving us full control over the entire production process and thus ensuring the very highest quality.
As the world’s leading manufacturer of forming machines, it is given that we also take responsibility after delivery.

ROUNDO customers can count on having a partner over the entire lifetime of their ROUNDO machines.