Recently, we have been testing different kinds of plates in a customized ROUNDO PASS 255 Plate bending machine. Our standard PASS 255 model has a prebending capacity of 2500 x 8 mm with a top/lower roll with a diameter of 255 mm and the two side rolls with a diameter of 215 mm.

The pictures below show the customized ROUNDO PASS 255 plate bending machine with the optional equipment cone bending device and interchangeable top roll. When bending plate with the cone bending device, the standard top roll is changed to a roll with a smaller diameter, 230 mm, and the machine obtains a circular prebending capacity of
2500 x 6 mm.

All capacities mentioned above are in a material with yield point 250 N/mm².

Click on the miniatures below to see the testing of the PASS 255 with cone bending device. The pictures show bending of two different sheet sizes.