4R 4-roll section bending

ROUNDO also supplies a range of section bending machines with four rolls. This type of machine is perfect for producing body shell components and similar parts where three-dimensional bending is required. Sections are pinched between top and lower roll, which are also the driven rolls. This offers the possibility for pre-bending with extremely short remaining straight ends.
Perfect solution for vehicle chassis components.

All ROUNDO section bending machines offer:

Two-roll drive to minimize the risk of slipping.
Hydraulic drive with infinitely variable speed control.
Hydraulic adjustment of the lower roll.
Standard rolls for flat bars, angle bars, T-bars and square bars.

For more information, please see our attached brochure.

Optional Equipment ROUNDO 4-roll section bending machines:

  • Combined horizontal/vertical design
  • Increased rolling speed with full drive torque
  • Digital display showing the positions of the lower rolls
  • Microhydraulic adjustment of the lower rolls
  • Driven side roll on the infeed side
  • Hydraulic turning of guide rolls
  • Separate hydraulic drive on the top shaft
  • Motorized height adjustment on swing arm
  • Spiral bending device for production of coils
  • Hydraulic pulling roll unit for bending I- U- and H-beams the hard way
  • Special guide unit for bending I- and U-beams the hard way
  • Pushing roll unit for improved bending of thin sections and angle bars
  • Wide selection of special rolls
  • Mandrel system to improve bending result on hollow sections
  • Pushing unit for small diameters and heavy bending
  • Hydraulic toolingadjustment
  • ROUNDO wCNC3 control