PM, Quick Rolling

For high production of cylinders and tubes, the best solution is very often the ROUNDO Quick Rolling Machine. The features of this machine are:

Plate thicknesses 0,5 – 10 mm and widths 500 – 2000

Very short rolling times

Very good roundness tolerances and short straight ends

Less dependence on plate quality than other machine types

No demand for skilled bending operators to run the machine

High machine performance and low maintenance costs

The PM machines is designed to prebend and roll the plate into a completed cylinder in one pass, and in very short cycle time. The two lower rolls are fixed-positioned, journalled in ball or roller bearings, and driven by a geared motor equipped with a brake. On most sizes, the lower rolls are equipped with support rolls under their mid-point to reduce the deflection of the rolls under load. The top roll units are easy to change and it takes a very short time.

For more information and capacities see our attached brochure.

  • Automatic working cycle including pneumatic ejection device
  • Control panel, including digital limit switch for upper top roll position, timer settings for auto cycle and pressure setting
  • Infeeding table, motorized or non-motorized
  • Automatic infeeding system