With the largest selection on the market, ROUNDO is the leading manufacturer of section bending machines. We produce over 20 different standard sizes, covering section modulus range from 14 to 11.000 cm3. Our machines are readily adapted to handle a variety of bending jobs. The larger models are also optimized for bending beams the hard-way. Both lower rolls are independently hydraulically adjustable, which provide maximum versatility plus the ability to pre-bend both ends. Guide rolls adjustable in all three directions enable additional versatility.
CNC controls and a wide range of options are available for all models.
All ROUNDO section bending machines offer:

Three-roll drive to minimize the risk of slipping.
Hydraulic drive with infinitely variable speed control except for the smallest machines.
Hydraulic adjustment of the lower roll.
Standard rolls for flat bars, angle bars, T-bars and square bars.

For more information and capacities, please see our attached brochure.

  • Combined horizontal/vertical design
  • Increased rolling speed with full drive torque
  • Digital display showing the positions of the lower rolls
  • Microhydraulic adjustment of the lower rolls
  • Separate hydraulic drive on the top shaft
  • Motorized height adjustment on swing arm
  • Linear measuring for the top roll
  • Automatic central lubrication system
  • Spiral bending device for production of coils
  • Half-pipe equipment to form and bend a half pipe from a strip
  • Hydraulic pulling roll unit for bending I- U- and H-beams the hard way
  • Special guide unit for bending I- and U-beams the hard way
  • Pushing roll unit for improved bending of thin sections and angle bars
  • Wide selection of special rolls
  • Mandrel system to improve bending result on hollow sections
  • Pushing unit for small diameters and heavy bending
  • Hydraulic tooling adjustment
  • NEW ROUNDO wCNC4 control
  • NEW ROUNDO RLC/4 Logic control
  • NEW ROUNDO RLC/1 Posistioning system