SF – Flanging Machine

SF is our range of patented machines for the production of flanged and punched cylinders. Almost any flange shape can be produced with SF machines. Replacing both flange manufacturing process (by bending, welding, drilling and turning) and the welding of the flange on to the cylinder, main features of this range are easy production and short manufacturing time.
SF machines can be equipped with lots of different types of tooling, allowing for different styles of flange, such as grooves for sealing or different styles angels. Another option is producing light angle rings from sheet material.
Costs can be reduced by up to half by using SF machines instead of conventionally manufacturing flanged cylinders or pipes. For a 500 mm diameter cylinder and a flange with holes, manufacturing time is less than 10 minutes, producing a very high quality flanged cylinder. Since the cylinder is held in the machine by an expanding unit, the tolerances on the roundness are extremely good.

For more information and capacities, please see our attached brochure.

Optional equipment ROUNDO flanging machines:
  • Automatic flanging operation
  • Automatic punching operation
  • Different sets of expanding dies
  • Different sets of punch and dies
  • Extra set of flanging rolls
  • Special indexing plates