Starting with the widest and most powerful standard range in the world, we can adapt and develop machines to match the exact needs and wishes of our customers. In addition, ROUNDO develops its own CNC systems, combining renowned standard components and ROUNDO software, allowing us to customize the control of our machines in the best possible way.
In 1985 ROUNDO was the first to develop CNC-controls specifically adapted to bending machines. Since then, we have steadily enhanced and expanded the capabilities of our systems, allowing us to maintain our position as the world leader in this area as well. We have delivered over 1,000 CNC-controlled bending machines, giving us the experience and know-how that all future customers will benefit from.

NEW ROUNDO wCNC4 is user friendly:
Easy to operate and no previous CNC experience is required.
Position of controlled axis and other important information are all comprehensively and clearly available on the large TFT display in every window.

NEW ROUNDO wCNC4 is intelligent:
Enhanced programming assistance with ROUNDO CNC Bending Wizards.
The system also includes the possibility to stop the program while running and resume it exactly where you left.

NEW ROUNDO wCNC4 is forward-looking:
Based on Siemens hardware to enable our customers to find spare parts in the market in an easy and quick way for many years to come.

NEW ROUNDO wCNC4 is tailor-made:
User-interface is fully customizable according to each customer’s needs.
Options and accessories can be integrated later into the CNC control.

NEW ROUNDO wCNC4 is continuity:
Same instructions and operating principles as previous versions.

NEW ROUNDO wCNC4 is unlimited:
No restrictions when it comes to number of programs or steps thant can be stored.
Easier to move programs between machine and offline PC.
Unlimited communication possibilities and on-line assistance available.

The NEW ROUNDO wCNC4 is your key to successful production of rolled parts for years to come!